Rhianna worked as writer and co-story designer on the epic fantasy title, Heavenly Sword, from Ninja Theory and Sony.

The tale about one-woman’s struggle to save her land and her people from destruction at the hands of an evil king, captured the hearts of gamers across the world and was highly praised for its narrative and cinematic content.

Heavenly Sword was nominated for a BAFTA for Story and Character, shortlisted in the 2008 Develop Awards for Best New IP and nominated for the Writers Guild of Great Britain’s Best Videogame Script award.

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“I can't fault Ninja Theory for taken a proven, if well-worn, plot-line and perfectly executing it. And it is perfect. The dialogue is outstanding, and the voice acting is superb. Both of the animated scenes through which the plot unfolds and the interstitial cut scenes driving the plot forward are not cinematic; they are cinema.” Worth Playing

“A well-written and often surprisingly funny script is brought to life by Hollywood-quality performance from the actors, who fit their respective characters perfectly.” Gamespot

“It's a game that also takes the business of narrative extremely seriously, so it's just as well that such an emotive, desperate tale can be expressed on-screen in ways that have eluded game developers the world over — until now.” Eurogamer

“Never have there been such compelling characters in the gaming world; characters you cared about, characters that could twist your emotions with the initial look in their eyes after a plot point is revealed. Nariko and Kai are the stuff of video-game legends and they have perfect counterparts in Bohan and his minions.” Gameszone

“We are still certain that while Nariko is definitely hot, her crazy sister Kai is a lot more fun to play. As the addle-brained Yin to Nariko's intensely glaring Yang, Kai delivers exactly what Heavenly Sword needs to keep things interesting: a welcome break from the frantic melee combat and a kooky, whimsical attitude. Her lines are the best in the whole game and we replayed a few of her cut-scenes just to hear her bizarre dialog.” Gamespy

Heavenly Sword breaks more ground within the script and the main characters personality with the relationship between Nariko and the totally insane King Bohan, juxtaposed by the fragile and meek nature of Kai and then Bohan’s henchmen which include the oafish Goonies-Chunk like Roach, the flamboyant Flying Fox and the ladyfish Whiptail. What Heavenly Sword lacks in variety they make up with strong performances, great dialog lines and interesting and creative characters.” Extreme Gamer

“Many games can only be one thing: funny, scary, or action-packed. Heavenly Sword injects a lot of humour into what could have been a stock action game, and the chuckles don't take away from the very real emotions and conflicts between the characters.” Ars Technica

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Won — IGN Best of E3 ’07 — Best Action game

Shortlisted — Develop ’08 — Best new IP

Shortlisted — BAFTA ’08 — Story and Character

Shortlisted — WGGA — Best Videogame Script

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