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IGDA Panel Session

Rhianna appeared alongside fellow game scribes, Andrew Walsh (Prince of Persia), Jim Swallow (Deus Ex: Human Revolution) and Tom Jubert (Penumbra, Driver: San Francisco) to talk about Interactive Stories for an Interactive Medium. The event, which took place at South Bank University, was a joint venture between the IGDA London Chapter and the IGDA’s Writers’ Special Interest Group. You can read the write-up here.


Rhianna at GDC Online 2010

With its own narrative summit, GDC Online (formerly GDC Austin) is an essential destination for game writers and narrative enthusiasts alike. Rhianna will be taking part in both the Strengthening Your IP with Diversity panel and the It's Not in the Writer's Manual: A Q&A Session for New Writers round table.


Rhianna Interviewed by Gamasutra

Rhianna got the chance to share some of her thoughts on games writing and the way games writers are used with Gamasutra. Click here for the full interview.


Rhianna to speak at GDC 2010

Rhianna will be speaking on the panel Make ’em Laugh: Comedy in Games at GDC alongside Tim Schafer (CEO, Double Fine) Sean Vanaman (Telltale Games) and John Teti (The A.V. Club.) For more information on the panel please click here.


Latest interview with the Narrative Designer’s Network

Narrative design is a hot topic at the moment and the Narrative Designer’s Network has just published a recent interview with Rhianna, where she talks about her experiences as both a writer and narrative designer. Click here to read the full interview.


Mirror’s Edge collection released

The Mirror’s Edge miniseries is now available as a collected edition. Written by Rhianna and illustrated by Matthew Dow Smith, the series explores Faith’s background and how a chance meeting with Merc started her life as a Runner.


Overlord II wins Crispy for Best LOLs

Overlord II picked up a Crispy award from Crispy Gamer for ‘Best LOLs’ in a game, jointly shared with New Super Mario Bros. Wii.


Rhianna Wins Writers’ Guild Award

Rhianna recently won the WGGB award for Best Videogame Script for her work on Overlord. She now has a shard of glass with her name on it. Using Baldrick-logic this means she's now safe from all shards of glass. Congratulations to all the other winners and nominees.
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Codemasters announces Rhianna's involvement in Overlord II

Codemasters took Rhianna’s recent nomination for Best Game Script in the WGGB Awards as an opportunity to announce her involvement in the upcoming Overlord II by Triumph Studios.

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Codemasters announces three more Overlord games

Codemasters recently announced the development of three brand new Overlord games. The first is Overlord II (360, PS3 and PC) from Triumph Studios, creators of the original game. The second two titles are Overlord: Dark Legend (Wii) and Overlord: Minions (DS) currently in development by Climax in the UK. Rhianna is working on all three titles.

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EA and DC Comics team up to create Mirror’s Edge comic book

Rhianna was recently announced as the writer behind the upcoming Mirror’s Edge 6-part, mini series with DC comics and illustrated by Matthew Dow Smith. The series was kicked off with a small teaser comic released at Comic-Con ’08 and Issue 1 of the new series will be released in November.

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EA announces Rhianna Pratchett as the writer behind Mirror’s Edge

"We were excited to work with Rhianna to develop the story, setting and character of Faith," added Owen O’Brien, executive producer at DICE

"We were extremely lucky to work with someone who is not only a writer, but also a core gamer, to create the world of Mirror’s Edge."

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