Rhianna worked as solo writer, co-story designer and co-audio director on Overlord (Xbox 360/PC) and Overlord: Raising Hell (PS3) - developed by Triumph Studios and published by Codemasters.

Overlord was shortlisted in the 2008 Develop Awards for Best New IP and won for the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain’s Best Videogame Script award.

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"A laugh-a-minute story that is very well executed."  Gamer 2.0

"The evil, yet light-hearted, humour and richly detailed world combine for a game that is worth diving into."  IGN

"Overlord: Raising Hell is probably one of the best games currently available on PS3, blessed with clever design, engaging characters, sharp dialogue and a moreish appeal that drags you through even when the going gets tough."  Eurogamer

"Out in front stands writing which I'm prepared to call quite good. If you're trying to beat Nintendo at its own game, that's a challenge; and if you're trying to write "ironic evil" dialogue and keep it fresh, you're compounding that challenge. I'll be damned if they haven't taken a good run at it."   Tycho, Penny Arcade

"Overlord is riddled with numerous bits of refreshing and entertaining dark humour. The game is brimming with excellent dialogue and lots of subtle references, which many folks will enjoy."  ActionTrip

"While the primary storyline weighs in at 15 hours of pure comedy gold, the multiplayer lands with a resounding thud. Come for the comedy, stay for the minions."  GamingTrend

"Overlord is easily one of the funniest games of the year, wielding a sharp English wit that relishes in making fun of the genre and source material. Using humor in games tends to be more miss than hit, but Triumph have… triumphed, creating a game that hearkens back to the glory days of Ron Gilbert and his adventure creations at early Lucasarts." Game Almighty

"I think I'm in love."  Deeko


Shortlisted — Develop ’08 — Best New IP

Won — WGGA: Best Videogame Script

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